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Theory Test Lessons
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Here at Platinum1 Driver Training we provide free access to Driving Test Success - Anytime.  This is a web based application where learners can learn all about the theory of driving, take mock tests and practice hazard perception.  We recommend that theory training is carried out alongside your practical lessons, although we have no issues if you wish to pass your theory test prior to commencing your practical driving lessons.

Theory study isn't very exciting and we get it if you struggle to take it in.  We can help with theory lessons in the car, in a cafe or a library.  Sometimes this just isn't what you need.  Maybe you would learn better with an interactive online course?  We have the solution.  We have teamed up with Theory Test Practice to provide an online course.  Use this link and code shauna to access your course 

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We also recommend the following books to help you with your theory study

The Highway Code

Know Your Traffic Signs

Driving - Essential Skills

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