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Applying for your first provisional driving licence

You can apply for your first provisional driving licence when you are 15 years and 9 months old, either online following this link, or by collecting and completing form D1, which is available at most branches of the Post Office, or directly from DVLA.  Paper applications cost £43, online applications cost £34.

Finding the right instructor for you

Finding the right instructor for you can be difficult.  You could ask your friends who they learn with, ask on local Facebook community forums, check out Driving Instructors Near Me on Facebook or the find an instructor page  However, not all instructors subscribe to this service.  We are always happy to have a free no obligation chat with you and/or your family to help you make your decision.

How to pass your theory test (UK)

A Facebook group to support those studying for their theory test.  with around 15k members, there's always someone on hand to offer help and support.

How to book your theory test

You can book your theory test online at  The fee for this service is £23 (correct as of 04/09/21)

There are several third party companies that rank high on search result that will book the theory test on your behalf, but charge you a fee for doing so.  Many people don't realise this and end up paying more than they need to.

We offer free access for all our learners to Driving Test Success - Anytime to help them with their preparation to take the theory test and give them the best chance of passing first time.  

We have also arranged for all our learners to have a reduced cost access to Theory Test Practice Online.  If you would like more information please use the contact page to request this.

Driving Test Success - Learner Driver Hub

A great place to get advice from fellow learners and industry experts.  With over 38k members, there's always someone available to help you.  ​

How to pass your driving test (UK)

With over 16k members, this is a great support group if you're learning to drive.

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